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Irish Dad Gets On A Plane For The Very First Time… And His Reaction Is Hilarious.

Even if you're an experienced flier, take off and landing are always tense. It's not that planes aren't safe: In fact, the chances of getting in a car wreck are much, much higher. It's just that when thousands of pounds of steel and jet fuel are propelling you forward at high speeds, well, let's just say that we don't blame you if you started to sweat.

Now, imagine what would be going through your head if it was your very first time on a plane. This man is experiencing his first take off ever, and his reaction is totally priceless.

My daddy's first time on a plane & I managed to catch a video of "The Take Off" was too good not to share : ) ✈️

Posted by Michelle Carville on Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Source: Michelle Carville