By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Puppy Sees Snow For The First Time, And TOTALLY Loses His Mind.

What's your reaction to the first snow of the season? Maybe you're the type to draw the curtains, grab a blanket, and refuse to emerge until April. Or maybe you dig winter, and the sight of fresh falling snow inspires you to grab a coffee to-go and take a brisk walk through your neighborhood.

Whatever your response, odds are that it could never be as emotional as this dog's.

This is the first time that this adorable pooch has ever seen the white stuff, and needless to say, his reaction is slightly enthusiastic. If you love winter, you're totally going to identify with this dog -- and if you hate it, he just might inspire you to put on a smile and step outside.

Puppy sees snow for the first time. Freaks out accordingly. (Via ViralHog).

Posted by Mamamia on Monday, December 14, 2015

Watch a snowed in cat dig his way to freedom.