By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Dog Went Her Whole Life Without Love, Watch Her Picking Her Very First Toy.

Roo is not a picky shopper. The golden retriever is a rescue who never owned a toy before. Brian Becker met Roo when she was only eight-months-old, and terrified of everything. The puppy was starved, flea-infested, and also had engorged ticks. There was no hope Roo would be adoptable: the rescue shelter had scheduled her to be euthanized.

Becker, however, spent months helping his canine learn to trust and not live in fear. This video captures the first time Roo is taken to the store to buy her own toy. She does not take her shopping spree lightly. Rather, she takes her time searching for the perfect plaything.

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Source: Brian Beker