By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Cat Treats These Koi Fish Like Good Friends... Definitely NOT What I Was Expecting.

When you see your cat gazing menacingly into your fish bowl, you're probably right to assume that he or she isn't thinking about befriending the poor guppy. In fact, unless you get your cat out of that zone immediately, things may not end well.

That's not the case for this cat, who has spent the past three years lovingly gazing into a Koi pond, hoping for a few moments for its fishy BFF.

According to the cat's owner, she simply waits and watches until her favorite Koi swims up. Then, the two seem to interact in a really unique way - and the cat never tries to make the fish a snack. Don't believe it? Check out their sweet relationship in the video below.

Have you ever seen a fish getting a massage?

Source: Xiedubbel