This Interactive Fitting Room Feels Like The Future, They Thought Of EVERYTHING.

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Shopping for clothes just got a lot more fun. Ralph Lauren has installed interactive mirrors in its New York flagship store. When shoppers walk into the Oak Fitting Rooms with the clothing they want to try on, the mirror automatically takes stock of the color and size of the items.

Like a sci-fi movie, people can request for help from an associate to grab a different size with the simple touch of the screen. The software provides an option for the indecisive buyer as well who needs to mull over an item for a day or two; the store will text the item’s details right to a mobile device.

Oak Labs, the designers of the interactive fitting rooms hope to fuse the world of retail and technology into one.

The interactive mirror gives three lighting options: Fith Avenue daylight, East Hampton sunset, and evening at the Polo Bar.

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