By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

700 People Decided To Lay On The Ground, The Powerful Photos Make An Important Point.

Lithuania is a relatively small country, huddled quietly between Latvia, Poland, and Belarus. It's a culturally rich place with interesting food and beautiful people. But each year, over one thousand of those people choose to end their lives via suicide - that's 31.7 deaths per 100,000 people very year.

The numbers give Lithuania one of the highest suicide rates in Europe. It's an incredibly tragic statistic, and up until now, there were no indications of that number reducing. However, some Lithuanians are interested in changing that.

On Sept. 22, 2015, a flash mob stormed the capital city of Lithuania. More than 700 people gathered in the city center, forming multiple human chains.

Hand in hand, they walked down the square and laid down on the pavement.

The participants want to give onlookers a harsh reality check: This was actually the number of people who choose to end their lives each year.

The flash mob is named Šmėkla (Ghost). It was started by a Lithuanian actor named Arūnas Sakalauskas. He has lost eight close friends to suicide.

Sakalauskas says he hopes this public performance raises awareness for suicide prevention. After watching the video below, it's easy to see how powerful this call for action really is.

Watch what this town does on August 1st at 5 pm.

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