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20 Tips Your Flight Attendant Would Love To Tell You.

#6. Seat Back Pockets

The seat back pockets aren't actually there for you to store your items so don't use them. This is the most common place for people to forget items such as laptops and cells phones. The pockets are also the dirtiest part of the plane and carry nasty bacteria and are the most likely place to have MRSA. You definitely don't want to put your personal items in there!

Seat Back Pockets

Chris McGinnis / Travel Skills

#7. Bulkhead Row

Any time you’re on a plane, you should do your best to stay away from the bulkhead row. Unless you’re after the extra legroom, the bulkhead row isn’t for you. Not only will you have to store all of your things in the overhead storage compartment, but the bulkhead row also comes with certain responsibilities in an emergency situation. If you’re looking for a care-free flight, head to the back of the plane to look for seating.

Bulkhead Row

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#8. Ask Flight Attendant

Traveling to a new place is extremely exciting for a person, but it can also be intimidating, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing. Searching the Internet is a great way to learn about where you’re going, but so is talking to flight attendants. Most flight attendants are well-traveled and can be an invaluable source of information.

Ask Flight Attendant

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#9. Jet Lag

Jet lag is a major problem for people flying through different time zones, but there are a few tips of the trade that might help you out. First, you could try setting the clock on your phone to the time zone of your destination. Also, get some sun as soon as you arrive, and instead of going right to sleep for a full night’s rest, take a little cat nap when you arrive at your destination!

Jet Lag

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#10. Ask For Help

Airports can be unbelievably confusing, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the airport. It’s easy to miss a flight in a crowded airport, so make sure that you pay attention to the many signs that can be found. Also, if you get into a jam, you can always ask the airport staff for help and they’ll be more than happy to point to you in the right direction.

Ask For Help

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