By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Was Taking Photos Of The Starlings… And Then They Started To Do Something Very Unusual.

Warning: Do not start to watch this video unless you have about 20 minutes to spare. Sure, the video is only about two minutes long: The trouble is, you're going to want to watch it over, over, and over again. The best way to describe it? It's as mesmerizing as a lava lamp, except it's a lava lamp made of birds .

If you've carved out some time for yourself, check out the amazing video below.

Starlings are known for flying through the sky in some strange, unspoken communication with one another, creating endless contorted mysterious shapes and swirls. They fly together in huge throngs, as in this video, where the person filming captured them moving from power line to power line. Here's how he described it on his Youtube page:

Often they move from one line to another ... taking off when a second group arrives. Sometimes it looks like a row of dominoes ... one flight triggering the bird next in line. Here it is clear to see the original take off is not sequential, but [instead] appears to be crowd reactive.

Just another example of the world's magic at play.

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Source: Dennis Hlynsky