By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Found Something Very Rare In Antarctica… The Photographs Will Take Your Breath Away.

On an expedition to Antarctica, a photographer named Alex Cornell found one of natures most beautiful phenomena. What looks like a enormous rare gem floating peacefully in the water is actually a flipped iceberg.

This rare occurrence stems from an imbalance in the water, and the blue tones you see in the video only last for a short few minutes before the pristine emerald structure is compromised by the elements. According to an interview in The Telegraph, Cornell said that this sighting was definitely unplanned:

Everything in Antarctica is white: icebergs, snow, penguin’s bellies, and the blinding sun. I pointed my camera everywhere, but always felt like I was missing the most incredible sights. Then this appeared.

In this video, Cornell explains how he got the shot: Camera junkies and nature lovers alike are sure to find the whole process fascinating.

Watch the video below