By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Is Houseboat Living At Its Absolute Best… Wait Till You See The Bathroom.

At this point, we're all well aware of the fact that construction in Dubai knows no limits. It's a city that is constantly pushing for bigger, better, and more grandiose - even if that means building apartments that are partially under the sea.

The Kleindienst Group, a European developer, has released renderings of a property called The Floating Seahorse.

It's technically classified as a boat - the Seahorse offers an entire bottom floor that is submerged under the water, providing the resident with amazing views of the marine life under the Persian Gulf.

There will be 42 of these properties constructed, each with two floors - one above sea level and one below.

The upper level will have an open living area surrounded by glass windows for tremendous views and a minimal feel.

There is a fully equipped kitchen and dining area, along with an outdoor shower and plenty of outdoor seating.

There is even a glass bottomed jacuzzi, for relaxing in the ultimate lap of luxury.

The floor beneath the sea has a master bedroom with some pretty tremendous views.

It also boasts a luxurious master bathroom - you can submerge your body in a hot bath while looking out into the sea beyond.

The Floating Seahorse boats will be located offshore from the St. Petersburg and Main Europe Islands, a short boat ride from the coast of Dubai. According to the research, these structures will be more environmentally friendly and cost effective to build than Dubai's famed floating islands. We just think they look awesome and would like to move into one immediately.

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