By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy Made A DIY Floating Bed In 19 Simple Steps… Wait Till You See How He Did The Lights.

There are plenty of DIY projects floating around the Internet, but some of them are just more inspired than the others. This particular project, which is a floating bed that is totally under lit and totally awesome, is one of them.

The original builders definitely created something beautiful when they put this together, and luckily, they decided to share it. Check out this amazing DIY below - you're going to want one in your own bedroom immediately.

#1. Before you get started on the process, here's what you've got to look forward to.

This DIY is basically the most amazing thing ever, and it's also not too difficult to build. Can't you see one of these fitting in with the rest of your bedroom decor?

#2. And it gets better: Here's the bed at night.

That's right - the bed is lit from below, so at night it gives the appearance that it's glowing. We know you're convinced now, so let's get started.

#3. Begin with purchasing your lumber.

The original builder used California Redwood 2x6s to make the frame, regular 2x4s to make the structural portions of the frame, and a 2x10 to make the box support that the bed "floats" on. They cut the lumber with a simple circular saw.

#4. Build the perimeter.

The perimeter dimensions for this queen bed are 80"x60" and made exclusively with the California Redwood 2x6s.

#5. Apply the internal bracing.

Add the braces, but makes sure they're fit correctly or else the whole thing will fall apart. Here is the advice from the original builder:

"I used 2x4s for the internal bracing, but the fit wasn't just quite right - there was still some flex in the frame, which turned out to be because the 2x4s edges weren't cut absolutely perpendicular. So where they were screwed onto the outside frame, they didn't make full contact with the cut face, but instead were oblique (by a fraction of a millimeter) - which prevented them from becoming absolutely tight, and allowed the frame to flex."

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