By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Unique Floating Hotel Actually Lets You Take Your Room For A Spin.

A ‘tropical’ vacation does not always have to end up close to a beach. There are beautiful cities and towns worldwide that boast landscapes within landlocked bodies of water. Salt & Water, a Serbian-based architecture and design firm, has developed a hotel that is literally on water connecting up to 12 catamaran-apartments. You may never look at a tropical getaway the same way ever again.

Each pod has its own lofted bedroom, living room, bathroom, and a small galley that can easily accommodate two to four people. The catamarans, once detached, can navigate the water and dock at the best spot chosen by the guests.

The catamarans boast a panoramic view, allowing vacationers to see the full spectrum nature has to offer. Within the main hotel, vacationers can socialize with other guests and dine at the restaurant or cafe. The floating pods were created to promote tourism on inland water without disrupting nature.

The large windows allow for an excellent view of the beautiful surroundings.

The catamarans travel at slow speeds, allowing for stress-free navigation.

The 12 catamarans attach to the main hotel.

The perfect accommodations for vacationers who love the outdoors but do not want to disturb the elements of nature.

Guests can enjoy fishing, swimming, and even sunbathing right off the catamarans.

The Palacio de Sal in Bolvia hotel is made entirely of salt. Check out the interior photos here.

Source: Salt & Water