By Keith

LifeBuzz Staff

80,000 People Lived In This Underwater City… Archeologists Are Excited About What They’ve Found.

Until ten years ago, the ancient city of Zeugma,Turkey was completely underwater. During it's heyday, it was the center of the Eastern Roman Empire and the crossroads between the Persian and the Roman Empires. The city, comprised of about 3000 houses carved out of rock, was decorated with elaborate mosaics; some depicted gods, and others were decorated to reflect the personality of the homeowner.

Zeugma has also turned into quite an archeological find. Excavations have uncovered numerous mosaics and other treasures, and is still underway. They estimate at least 25 more houses are still underwater, and have no idea what amazing treasures are still buried. Check out the incredible photographs of their discoveries below.

Source: Archaeology