By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

A Boy With Autism Was Afraid Of Haircuts… No Problem For This Imaginative Barber.

James Williams just became the coolest hairdresser ever. He has been trying to give his four-year-old client Mason a haircut for months. The boy, who has autism, would not let the barber go near his ears. Mason’s parents kept taking him to Jim the Trim in South Wales, United Kingdom, to no avail. Finally, the 26-year-old decided to get down to the boy’s level by getting down on the floor.

“I went on the floor as I found that's where he always wanted to be. He played on his father's phone, watched random programs and that entertained him,” says Williams. The hairdresser asked everyone in the shop to keep quiet while he snipped way.

After Williams finished with the trim, he asked Mason for a high-five; he received a hug instead.

In previous visits, Williams had to chase Mason with no success.

The hairdresser hopes the images will draw attention to the challenges families face raising children with autism.

"I'm just happy to do what I do, as I love the job I'm in, giving a good haircut and making people happy," says Williams.

Mason has finally gotten his first proper haircut.

Source: James Williams