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By Huong Ngo

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Here Are 20 Reasons You Never Want To Visit Florida… #19 Is Awful.

When planning vacation, a lot of people like to consider Florida as one of their potential getaway locations. Who can blame them? When a person thinks of Florida, they think of beautiful beaches, the warm sun, and fun night life. Some people might even say it's the closest thing to Hawaii that's not Hawaii.

Unfortunately, however, Florida has been getting a little bizarre. A lot of people like to associate bad things to Australia because of the dangerous animals that randomly roam around. Well, it seems Florida is starting to get just as bad. They've got alligators casually hanging out on the golf courses, in people's pools, and sewers! They've even got humungous pythons and boas hanging out in the Everglades.

What once was perceived as a calm serene place has flipped on us. Don't get me wrong, Florida is still a beautiful place to visit but don't be surprised if you randomly see a lurking creature somewhere they shouldn't be.

When people first think of Florida, they think of a fun vacation where they can get away and embrace the sunshine.

They fantasize about watching a beautiful sunset on the beach as birds fly peacefully over them.

Sounds serene, doesn't it?

When they think of Florida, they think of happy thoughts including Disney World.

What's a trip to Florida without making a stop at the happiest place on earth?

They think of palm trees and an open road to just drive through mindlessly with the windows down and their hair blowing in the wind.

Well newsflash, Florida is also a place you'll see a giant alligator roaming a golf course nonchalantly.

Doesn't look like a good day for golf anymore.

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