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By Camila Villafañe

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She Carefully Presses Dental Floss Onto Her Nails. Seconds Later… So Cool.

The nail art trend is still going strong. Some tutorials are so extravagant that they even show you how to draw Pokeballs on your nails, while going around, trying to "catch them all". Others, show you how you can achieve a spectacularly fun and professional look without spending a ton of money on products, wands, and brushes. With the help of some bold colors, dental floss and a little creativity, you too can take your nail art to the next level, and, (pun intended), NAIL IT!

#1. You First Need a Flossing Brush

First you need to gather as many nail polish colors as wanted in order to create a multicolored striped look on your nails. You don't have to spend a lot of money giving your pattern depth and texture with expensive brushes. All you need for this trendy nail look is a flossing brush, following some simple steps, and voila! Let's keep going!

You First Need a Flossing Brush

cutepolish / YouTube

#2. Pack On a Base Coat Of Your Liking

Add a light base coat onto your nails and make sure to get it to look even. After you let it dry, draw some stripes and layer them on top of the base to get that much wanted effect. But be careful when you do it or you'll have to remove the base and start all over again.

Pack On a Base Coat Of Your Liking

cutepolish / YouTube

#3. The Magic Wand

Painting a trillion tiny, delicate stripes is not the kind of job an amateur can do without messing it up, right? Wrong! There's a very simple way to get this done in the blink of an eye.

The Magic Wand

cutepolish / YouTube

#4. The Easy Way Out

You don't even need to have a sturdy hand to pull off this look. All you need to do is paint or dab your dental floss brush, press it against your nails and watch how you layer those stripes without losing your mind.

The Easy Way Out

cutepolish / YouTube

#5. Finishing Touches

Once you're done and got the desired pattern you'll be sporting on your nails proudly, you need to reduce all that spillage. Dab a Q tip with some nail polish remover and start cleaning out the skin around the nail.

Finishing Touches

cutepolish / YouTube

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