By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Captured Polar Bears Sitting In A Field Of Flowers. The Photos Are Utter Perfection.

You probably wouldn't expect to see a polar bear anywhere outside of a landscape filled with ice and snow, but truthfully, polar bears live in places where there's more than just the winter season.

Photographer Dennis Fast captured these amazing photographs of bears frolicking in Manitoba, Canada during the summer months, when the landscape changes from snow and ice to bright, colorful flowers. The juxtaposition of the bears' fur and the flora make for truly incredible photographs. See Fast's images below.

Fast captured these images in Northern Canada's Hudson Bay, where the summers are absolutely gorgeous.

During the summer, the bears can be seen catching fish, hunting beluga whales, and playing around in gorgeous fields of flowers.

Mostly, the bears just take the opportunity to enjoy the sun - in other words, they're totally blissed out.

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