By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Photographer Made A Video About Flowers Blooming… But I Think It’s About Something Else.

Spring is the time of year where we can observe and celebrate a renewal of sorts. Snow melts away and flowers, who lay dormant for months, finally have the chance to paint the scene originally white-like a canvas into a sea of color. This is my favorite time of the year. As spring draws near, many people will tend to their gardens, with the hopes that their flower arrangements will soon be the envy of their neighbors.

With that said, one photographer has taking the beauty of flowers, flowers in bloom to be more specific, to the next level. Using time-lapse photography and a highly artistic eye, Thomas Blanchard has compiled a video that serves as an homage to spring.

After four months and over 9,600 shots, Blanchard has created a perfect montage to flowers in bloom. Set to 1960’s music, an era Blanchard defines as the most representative period for flowers, the video is a perfect tribute to the delicate and rare beauty of flowers. Sit back and enjoy.

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Source: Thomas Blanchard