By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Filled A Creepy Old House With Flowers, The Results Are Hauntingly Beautiful.

Remember Flower House, artist Lisa Waud's Detroit installation piece that transformed a condemned Detroit home into an art space housing over 4,000 flowers? The house has grown in popularity since we first posted on it, and now, there's a special exhibition coming through that is sure to continue to impress visitors.

The amount of flowers in the condemned home has increased tremendously, going from 4,000 to 36,000. It's even more impressive to look at than it was back in May, and after a special exhibition this weekend, it will all be taken down and repurposed into a flower farm and design center. Check out the final photos of this amazing space below.

A rear view of Flower House, with an amazing mural.

The flowers inside hang from all angles.

The presence of Flower House has sparked a lot of conversations about the power of sustainability projects in Detroit.

The project also gives a nod to Detroit's rich history, temporarily preserving and enhancing one of it's oldest homes.

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