By Amanda

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This Strange Wall Does Something Clever… And It’s An AWESOME Idea.

Throughout their time spent designing residential and commercial dwelling, Seoul-based OA: Lab too note of something pretty interesting: While people love to decorate the exterior of their home with flower pots and plants, no one had ever deigned to build those planters into the walls themselves.

That's when they came up with this ingenious idea: Integrating small flower pots all over the facade of a home, allowing flowers and plants to grow all along the exterior. Not only is it an excellent way to incorporate more greenery into the property, it's also an excellent new approach to modern design. See the photos of this amazing concept below.

The bottom half of this building has individual flower pots built in.

The grooves allow plants and flowers to grow, removing the need for the traditional flower pot.

The built in pots are made of built-in, reinforced glass fiber in a bulbous shape.

A variety of plants can flourish in this environment.

It's surprising how simple an idea it is (or that someone hasn't thought of it sooner."

It also looks excellent juxtaposed against a modern facade.

Would you swap out your terra cotta planters for a look like this?

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Source: My Modern Met