By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

She Started Putting Real Flowers On Her Christmas Tree... What She Ended Up With Is Magical.

Christmas trees are finally getting an overdue makeover. The new fad is decorating the spruces with real and fake flowers, a sort of garden display. You can either choose an abundance of colors or simply stick to one elegant hue.

People don’t need to throw out their old ornaments and tinsel for this new style, they can be incorporated into the overall look of this stunning update. For those too hesitant to change, adding flowers to the traditional decorated tree is also a great idea.

It may seem that choosing flowers is limiting but keep in mind there are a lot of sizes and textures of bloom to choose from. My personal favorite may just be the huge tinsel made up of flowers wrapped around the Christmas tree.

Will you be updating your Christmas trees with flowers this year?

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