By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These Tiny Vases Just Struck A Winning Blow In The Fight Against Boring Bikes.

If you're in search of some adorable springtime accoutrements for your bike, look no further: Colleen Jordan has created the precious bike accessory of your dreams.

The Atlanta-based designer and artist started Wearable Planter, a company that allows you to take plants and flowers with you on the road. Created with 3D printers, the planters are colorful and attach easily to the handlebar or frame of your bike, bringing some springtime freshness with you, wherever you go.

According to Jordan, her inspiration comes from the world around her, particularly the ideas that seem too far-fetched to be true. In fact, when she ran the Wearable Planter idea past some of her professors at Georgia Tech and Lund University, they thought it was a weird, somewhat impossible idea. Check out the images below to see just how wrong they were.

The adorable, capsule-shaped planters are created with 3D printing technology, then finished by hand.

The accessory is the perfect way to bring your bike into the spring and summer seasons -- and you can swap out the flowers whenever you like.

Theoretically, you could even use the planters for herbs -- after all, you can never have too much fresh basil at your disposal.

Jordan's company also makes jewelry with tiny, wearable plants inside.

The bicycle planters are a particularly unique and fun idea, though. Who wouldn't want to have these in their line of vision while they're cruising through the neighborhood?

To buy a Wearable Planter, check out Jordan's Etsy page.

Source: Bored Panda