By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

Two Guinea Pigs Discuss Pumpkin Spice, And It’s Hilarious.

Guinea pigs are those adorable squiggly pets with extended noses. A few fast facts:

  • Guinea pigs are not pigs nor are they from the Republic of Guinea. They are rodents originally from the Andes.
  • A baby guinea pig is called a 'pup'.
  • They use purring as a sign of happiness.
  • Gestation period, or the length of pregnancy, is about 70 days.
  • Their teeth are open rooted, which means they are constantly growing, so they have to munch on something regularly to grind them down.
  • There are places around the world, America included and most notoriously South America, that serve them as cultural delicacies.

You may have already known these, but did you also know that guinea pigs are aspiring debaters? Watch the first Fluff Episode to catch two of them discussing one of the season's highlights: pumpkin spice lattes.

Source: The Daily Share