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A Toddler With Down Syndrome Learned To Fly For The Most Touching Photos Of All Time.

Behind the incredible photos of @thatdadblog is an incredible story. Alan Lawrence, a Utah-based designer and photographer, is the father of six kids - including, Wil, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome shortly after birth. About one in every 691 babies are born with Down syndrome, and approximately 400,000 people in America live with it today. Despite the specific challenges that come with this genetic condition, Alan describes his experience as a blessing on his Facebook:

Wil has changed our lives for the better. He is not a burden to our family, he is not a trial for our family he is just amazing. It’s hard to describe the joy he brings to each one of us. Even though he has Down Syndrome we know that Wil is going to do anything he puts his mind to – Wil Can Fly.

The photos below capture creativity and joy at its brightest. Wil will move you.

Weaving in the trees. #wilcanfly #superwil #WHPoutofplace

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You can purchase his latest creation, the 2016 Wil Can Fly calendar here.

Source: thatdadblog