By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Dogs Can Fly In A Funny Photo Series You’ll Want To Try For Yourself.

We're used to seeing certain animals soar magnificently through the sky: Hawks, geese, and even a flying squirrel or two. But it's a rare treat to see a dog depart ground and fly through the air, and that's just what photographer Claudio Piccoli has captured in these amazing images.

Based in Italy, Piccoli hangs out with dogs while they play in the park, waiting to get the perfect shot. It's no easy feat: Most of these dogs are fast moving and slow down for no one, not even the guy with the camera.

“Every photo must tell me something strong and I hope you will find some of my shots interesting,” Piccoli wrote on 500px. “I wish you could read something in my photos, in the dog’s eyes!”

Check out the images below: What do you suppose these dogs are thinking as they reach max air?

Source: deMilked