By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

When The Baby Weasel Attacked The Woodpecker He Wasn’t Expecting THIS To Happen.

We all have that one friend who would say or do just about anything to hitch a ride. For one woodpecker, this weasel was that friend.

Photographs of the weasel hitching a ride on the woodpecker's back were captured by an amateur British photographer, who just so happened to be spending his afternoon observing wildlife in a London park.

The photographer heard "distressed squawking," which brought his attention to the grass. There, the weasel was mounting the woodpecker's back.

He was able to capture the sticky situation just moments before the woodpecker panicked and took flight.

According to the photographer, the bird seemed to be "struggling for life" as it attempted to lift off into the air with the weasel on its back.

He made it, and the two were airborne. Clearly, the weasel is having the most relaxing ride of his life.

The woodpecker seems to be having a rough time with all of it.

Eventually, the two landed, and the woodpecker was able to wriggle away from the weasel and fly away, surely to go find a solitary spot to process the trauma he just went through.

Sources say that the weasel continues to mooch rides and lunch money off of the other animals in the park.