By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Couple’s Parody Of The ‘Follow Me’ Photos Is Hilariously Unromantic.

Remember Murad Osmann, the Instagram star photographer who made a name for himself by letting his girlfriend lead him around the world? Well, as it turns out, Osmann has inspired other couples to do the same -- and this time, it's with hilarious results.

Agnes Chien and Forrest Lu were on vacation when they decided to take the Osmann approach with their own photos -- but instead of being beautifully dramatic, this fun-loving pair took a more comedic route.

This is one of Osmann's original photos.

And here is Lu and his wife's hilarious interpretation.

This looks like one painful way to travel, doesn't it?

The photos have gone viral on the Chinese internet, and are quickly making the rounds on this hemisphere, too.

If this isn't an accurate representation of traveling as a couple, we don't know what is.

Great work, guys.

Source: Shanghaiist