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By Huong Ngo

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25 Food Servers Who Gave Their Customers Exactly What They Ordered

Be careful what you wish for, especially when it comes to ordering food. As we all know, food orders don't always come out 100% accurate — especially when it's made with special instructions. Either the waiter or cook misunderstood or took the instructions too literally. No matter what it was, one thing remains constant: the food comes out wrong. And if you have a sense of humor then you'd laugh rather than make a complaint.

Check out the food orders below that the people definitely were not expecting.

#1. She asked for sour cream on the side.

Well technically she did ask for it. But they should have known better.

#2. They ordered a side of onion rings at Culver's.

What they got: rings of onion on the side.

#3. She ordered coffee with cream in Germany.

And this is what she got, but I don't see the problem!

#4. She ordered a tomato salad with feta cheese.

Tomato looks like it is wearing sunglasses... it's alive!!

#5. He ordered double pepperoni.

Well, I see no downside to this outcome.

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