By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

20 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts… She’ll Treasure #11 For The Rest Of Her Life.

Avoid the stress of going to the mall, trying to figure out what to get your mom this year. Instead, make her something she will love and cherish forever. Involve the kids and just have fun in the process. You may be starting a new family tradition.

#1. Photo vase.

Paint the vase in a bright summer color, avoiding the area where the photo will be placed. Once the paint dries, use tape to hold the printed image.

#2. Beaded suncatcher.

A pendant with your favorite design, beads, and wire will make this colorful suncatcher.

#3. Cupcake planter.

If you are going to give mom cupcakes, do it with flair. Use a cute planter and place a styrofoam ball inside it. Carefully place a toothpick under the cupcake and attach it to the styrofoam. Green tissue paper gives the illusion of leaves. Great thing, mom can use the planter after devouring the cupcakes.

#4. Personalized coasters.

Purchase a set of four or six tiles from your local hardware store. Print your favorite photos and cut them in the same size as the squares. Use Mod Podge as glue for the base and and on top of the image.

#5. Love jar.

Fill a jar with things your momma will love: chocolate, lip balm and Starbucks coffee. The possibilities are endless.

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