Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

34 Strange, Inedible Objects The Internet Wishes They Could Eat.

#6. Check out this brand new forbidden soda of the future.

They changed the old bottle design and even added fruit! It would actually be a really cool idea, but this is the vase from a lava lamp, so don't be too quick to try it.

#7. These forbidden brownies just waiting to satisfy your craving for dessert.

Too bad they are made out of 100% used coffee grinds.

#8. Pepsi that should be forbidden from all.

Yeah, go ahead and fill your cup right up. Take a nice, long drink and enjoy the refreshing taste of....sewage.

#9. Look at these forbidden Easter marshmallows!

Sure, they do look like little pillows of sugary goodness, but don't bother trying them. You'll get a mouthful of keyboard.

#10. Forbidden gummies are the best gummies.

We understand that it's really tempting to grab that gummy and run, but you'd burn yourself.

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