By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

48 Funny Photos Taken At The Perfect Angle… #27 Has A Twisted Sense Of Humor.

Many amateur and professional photographers use forced perspective, an optical illusion that allows objects or people to appear larger, smaller, farther away, or closer than they really are. Filmmakers do this all the time; just think of any scary movie with a gigantic monster. Chances are it's a tiny clay model made to look terrifyingly huge onscreen. With forced perspective, the possibilities to trick the eyes are abundant. Photos can be manipulated to make it appear as though someone is holding up a building, eating a cloud, or drinking out of an enormous soda bottle. The success of the mirage depends on timing and how creative the photographer wants to get with the end result.

Here are 48 awesome forced perspective images. #41 will make you want to try it yourself.




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