By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Harrison Ford Has The BEST Reaction To David Blaine’s Magic Trick.

Harrison Ford is the highest grossing actor of all time. His roles like Hans Solo in Star Wars and Indiana Jones helped cement the title. Among his many action and sci-fi films, Ford has also been around the newest and best special effects in the world. There is not much that can shock this Hollywood royalty. That is until he meets magician David Blaine.

The illusionist is notorious for playing his magic tricks on audiences and celebrities alike. With Ford as his latest victim, Blaine knew he had to do something exceptional. He began his exercise with a deck of cards. Ford had to choose a card and find it hidden in the deck.

As cool as the magic performed on Ford is, it’s really his reaction at 1:38 that really catches everyone by surprise. It’s pure magic.

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