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This Is How You Know You’re The Luckiest Person In The World.

Luck is an interesting thing. Not everyone has equal amounts of luck. Some have more than others. But have you ever thought about what it really means to be lucky? Off the top of your head, you might think of scenarios like finding money on the street or finding a rare parking spot on a busy street. All of these situations do indeed involve luck, but they are nothing compared to the super lucky people below.

Now when we say "super lucky," we're referring to a matter of life or death. If it weren't for luck, majority of these people wouldn't be alive.

Check out some of the very fortunate people below who barely missed death or a tragic injury by a centimeter or millisecond.

#1. Why would you even try to run across the train tracks at such a time?

Any millisecond later, this guy would have been a goner.

Why would you even try to run across the train tracks at such a time?

#2. So what exactly is this guy trying to prove?

Because all he did was give me a mild heart attack.

#3. When you realize you've been taking street poles for granted all your life.

Now that's a quality pole.

#4. And THIS is why you NEVER stand too close to the railroad tracks.

Some people just don't have common sense but have the world's greatest amount of luck.

#5. Thank goodness for this driver's quick reflexes.

The best reflexes I've ever seen on the road.

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