By Amanda

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She Released Her Foster Squirrel 3 Months Ago, But He Keeps Coming Back For Selfies.

For this young woman, forging a close, personal bond with squirrels from her backyard isn't as weird as you might think. After all, she was raised by a veterinarian, and according to her original post, she's been "raising squirrels since she was young enough to hold them."

However it is a little bit surprising that one particular squirrel remembers her, even after being raised and released back into the wild some time ago. According to this young woman, the little guy still stops by to say hello every now and again. Check out the photos of this unusually appreciative and neighborly animal below.

Here's an image of the two of them together. Clearly, the squirrel is totally comfortable being held by his former caretaker.

"It has been 3 months since we released our foster squirrel, Daisy," the young woman wrote. "She still comes down to visit at least once a week."

Even though his new life is in the wild, this little furball isn't afraid to enjoy the spoils of his former life.

And the best part is that this unlikely pair's relationship is still as friendly as ever: It's almost like no time has passed at all.

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Source: fsuwonder