By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

18 People Who Found Strange Photos On Their Phone… OMG At #16.

At this point, most of us probably feel that being separated from our phones is one of the worst things that can happen. Besides the fact that phones are expensive and happen to contain our entire lives (not to mention our crucial Twitter timelines), there's also the matter of what can happen when it finds itself in someone else's hands -- you just never know what kind of photos a stranger will leave for you.

Below are some found photos that phone owners discovered, only after their phones had been returned to them. Some let go of their phones during a wild night of partying, while others lost them during travel. Some even got them swiped by a family member. Either way, the photos left for them when they got their phones back are totally hilarious.

#1. "I got married last month and while scrolling through our wedding photos today I found this gem of my husband. His face says it all."

#2. "Woke up after a drunken party night and going through my photos and found this gem."

#3. "Camera found at beach in California these are that family's pictures if anyone knows them.

#4. "Someone found this photo when checking their GoPro after surfing."

#5. "Found this picture on a flip phone I got at a garage sale 3 years ago I have no clue."

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