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By Camila Villafañe

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23 Hidden Treasures And Relics That Were Discovered At Construction Sites.

#6. Ancient Mayan drawings were discovered by accident by a Guatemalan family during a renovation.

The Ramirez family decided to spruce up their kitchen, but when they started to remove the old paint on the walls, they uncovered ancient drawings that depicted the Mayan and Spanish people. Archaeologists believe that someone of influence and power once lived in the property.

#7. When Tim Jones started renovating an old jewelry store that he bought, he found something dazzling.

The Fresno, California store's previous owner, Casey Stephenson, passed away six years before the construction crew that Jones' hired uncovered a bunch of diamonds hidden behind a shelf. When the news went viral, Stephenson's daughter hired a lawyer to claim the diamonds for herself.

When Tim Jones started renovating an old jewelry store that he bought, he found something dazzling.


#8. The Watkins family found that what was laying beneath their old carpets was something worth reading.

Gifford and Christine Watkins had been renovating their home in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, when they stumbled on a bunch of old newspapers and maps from the 19th century. This amazing discovery was located in the insulation, which they found after pulling out the carpets.

#9. In 2013, excavators found something astonishing while working in Wellington, England.

They were busy constructing a housing development when they noticed that they working on the foundation of a 12th-century mansion. Wessex Archaeology was brought in to inspect the site. They found roof slates, and decorated floor tiles which suggested this may have been a manor or a religious site.

#10. The mummified remains of a 700-year-old woman was found beneath a road in Taizhou, China.

The year was 2011, and construction workers stumbled on a woman who may have once belonged to the Ming Dynasty. The mummy was wearing expensive jewelry, and she also had fine clothing made out of silk. Her features held up well over the years.

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