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Father Of 4 Girls Shows Social Media What Life Is Really Like.

Most dads have a hard time dealing with one kid let alone four. But Simon Hooper is no ordinary dad. He has decided to show his 272k plus Instagram followers just how difficult and rewarding being the father of four girls can actually be. Unlike most of us, who end up Photoshopping life's little imperfections, Simon has decided to show the (not always) picture perfect truth of being a dad. Sure it might make most guys who are on the fence about having kids balk at the concept. But even though he feels like a personal slave at times, he admits that he couldn't go more than four days without missing those precious girls in his life.

Sharing your bed with your spouse can be a challenge sometimes.

But it's a little more difficult when two of Simon's girls decide to take center stage on their bed. It doesn't exactly leave much room for dear old dad.

Being a dad often means that you have to put with a great deal of abuse.

How about that? These two didn't like the way dad's face looked so they decided to rearrange it for him free of charge.

Simon is a jack of all trades. He's even called himself a taxi driver, a tutor, chef, counselor, human climbing frame, and so much more.

Then again, you simply have to be when you’re the father of 10-month-old twins, a six-year-old and a nine-year-old.

Then there are days where things are a little less chaotic.

Take this photo for example. Isn't it nice when everyone gets along? Simon's blessed to be the only guy in a family full of women.

Most guys would be intimidated about being seeing with a "murse" over their shoulder.

But when you're carrying these little cutie pies, Simon's like, "Sure. Why don't I take the girls off your hand for a couple of hours, honey?

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