By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Rescuers TRY To Save Baby Fox From A DRAIN… But WATCH What Mom Does.

One mama fox is happy her cub is safe and sound. Her offspring found himself in a dangerous situation when he got stuck in a drain pipe in East Sussex, England. Rescuers from the Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service spent hours trying to free the small animal.

Initially, there was confusion of the location of where the cub was at as there were multiple pipes. The team used a mobile phone to record inside, as well as drainage rods, and insulation pipes to push the cub out. Unfortunately, the small mammal was in the one spot they could not reach him. All the while, the mom was watching the humans find her baby.

The video shows the moment one of the men is able to pull the fox to safety. As difficult as the rescue was, it was all worth it. Particularly when you see the reunion between the mama fox and her cub. Although, he may get a stern talking once he's home.

Source: East Sussex WRAS