By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Baby Fox Cuddling His Stuffed Bunny Will Melt Your Icy Heart.

Puggle started his life being an orphan, luckily for the fox a family found him in their garden in London and called asking for help. It is believed the tiny cub was only about two weeks old when he was taken in by the National Fox Welfare Society.

The volunteer organization has spent the last 20 years rescuing, treating, and caring for red foxes in the United Kingdom. Carolyn and Shane are the two humans busily working to make sure Puggle is getting plenty of food and playtime. In the last couple of weeks the cub’s coat is changing its colour and showing just what a gorgeous animal he is growing up to be.

Puggle is the first rescue of 2016 for the National Fox Welfare Society.

The volunteers hope to find the cub another fox his age so he can begin socializing with his own kind.

In the meantime, Puggle has his stuffed bunny to get plenty of cuddles from.

Eventually Puggle will be released into the wild.

Source: The Dodo