By Haris

LifeBuzz Staff

Mommy Fox Was About To Die So The Vet Performed A Dramatic C-Section. This Is INTENSE.

Rescuers from the WAF (Wildlife Aid Foundation) in Leatherhead, Surrey were called to a scene where a fox was found lying in middle of the road after being struck by a car. They rushed the fox back to the veterinary hospital in hopes of giving her the appropriate medical treatment.

Once they arrived at the hospital, they were shocked to find out that the fox was pregnant and was ready to go into labor.

Warning: This video is graphic.

This is the very first time that the WAF hospital performed a c- section birth. All five cubs were saved. The WAF team plans on keeping the fox cubs in their care for the next 6 months until they are can survive on their own.

The Wildlife Aid Foundation is one of the UK's largest wildlife rehabilitation and rescue charities. Their veterinary hospital in Leatherhead handles over 20,000 wildlife incidents every year.

You can help Wildlife Aid by making a donation. The money will be used to provide food, accommodations, treatment and release of wildlife.

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