By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Two Cats Met A Wild Fox… The Fox’s Reaction Is 100% Pure Disney.

By nature, foxes are territorial. For one particular red, furry creature, it marked its territory in video blogger Dan Bull’s backyard. The elegant creature took a nap, only to wake up to two felines and Bull staring at it from inside their house. The nocturnal animal seemed just as curious, staring right into the camera.

Foxes in England are considered a pest as historically, they attacked hens, rabbits, and other farm animals. For decades, this has been the justification to hunt and kill the animal for sport. Although since 2005, hunting foxes with dogs was banned.

Bull admits he grew up in Worcestershire, England where hunting the beautiful animal was a popular activity; it was seen more as a social event. For this encounter, Bull stayed indoors and just let the wild animal decide what it wanted to do. It’s fair to say, Bull and his cats have just made a new friend that may drop by for a visit every once in a while.

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Source: Dan Bull