By Keith

LifeBuzz Staff

There's Something Strange In This Village That Will Make You Never Want To Leave...

Near Shiroishi, Japan in the Miyaga mountains, is a place called Zao Kitsune Mura, The Fox Village. The village has over 100 foxes that freely roam the grounds. While at the village you can also follow the Torii to the Inari Shrine, thought to be the Shinto Deity of foxes, fertility, rice and sake.

In addition to the 6 types of foxes, there is also a petting zoo which has miniature horses, cows, goats and bunnies. These animals may be held and pet, the foxes on the other hand, are not to be touched nor hand fed. You are encouraged to feed the foxes, but you must purchase the food from the village and can only feed them from the feeding area. The foxes are voracious eaters and during feeding time are quite noisy and feisty, as you will see and hear on the video at the end.

Not all foxes are free to roam

Feeding time

Torii leading to Inari

Inari shrine

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