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By Camila Villafañe

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20 Heartbreaking Photos That Will Portray The Fragility Of Life.

You never know what’s around the corner. You could lead a happy life well into your golden years, or it might all end suddenly and without reason tomorrow. You just never know when you’ll draw your last breath, or when someone else will draw theirs. In fact, the hardest lesson of all is that life is always fragile and most often unfair. So, here are a couple of photos that will remind everyone that life is a precious gift, but also very fragile. And before you know it, the gift is gone. Once you see these images, you’ll never be at war with yourself or anyone else again.

#1. This beautiful creature's name was Sudan. He was the last Northern White rhino until he recently died.

It might be time to shed a tear for humanity. Thanks to greedy hunters and poachers, Northern White rhinos are pretty much extinct now.

#2. Just as Mother Nature gives, she can easily take it all away.

In a moment, we might lose it all. Our belongings, years of work, and even our precious mementos and family trinkets. In this photo, a woman is getting carried outside of her home after a flood destroyed her home.

#3. Every day is the last day for someone and every voicemail you leave could be your last.

This son decided to do something about the last voicemail his mom sent him. He turned it into a soundwave and had a tattoo artist ink it on his arm so he would always have his mom’s last words with him.

#4. NYC got tested once again after a horrible truck attack that was inspired by Islamic extremism.

And once again, the city that never sleeps responded with resilience and courage. 41-year-old Eric Fleming got on one knee in front of a memorial shrine to pay homage to the victims of this senseless attack.

#5. A group of underprivileged children are staring at their well-off neighbors.

Some people work their whole lives and have no material possessions to show. Others work the bare minimum and live cozy lifestyles. This picture is the true embodiment of the imbalance between rich and poor.

A group of underprivileged children are staring at their well-off neighbors.

Utcursch / Wikimedia Commons

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