By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Freak Basketball Shot Saves Dad $243,660, But At 0:27 His Celebration Gets A Bit Rude.

Dads will usually do just about anything for their daughters, including whatever it takes to keep them clothed, fed, and having fun. If you think about it, being a dad with a daughter could get really expensive.

Australian Tim Bower must have jokingly alluded to that fact to his daughter, who then offered him a deal: Basically, she bet him that if he could make an insane basketball shot, he would never have to pay one single dollar for her, ever again. Bower's daughter clearly didn't think that he had any chance of making it, and does her part to capture his fail on film.

Bower stands with his back to the hoop, lobs the ball and....well, we'll let you find out what happens next.

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Source: Tim Bower