By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Say ‘Hello’ To The Horse Who Never Has A Bad Hair Day.

Horses are naturally elegant and beautiful animals, but Frederik the Great is the fairest of them all. The Friesian stallion is a tall and imposing animal with a long, flowing mane and shiny black coat. Frederik who lives in the Ozarks in Arkansas has been dubbed the most handsome horse in the world.

With its majestic pose, it is no wonder Frederik is named after the king of Prussia in the 18th century. His presence on social media has garnered a lot of followers too. Film studios have approached his human keepers interested in making him a star. Nonetheless, Frederik has yet to choose a project fit for royalty to make his big break.

Friesian horses originate from the Netherlands.

His humans describe him as a, "gentle giant and gentleman."

Vaughn is Frederik's offspring. He was born last year and is expected to grow as handsome and graceful as his father.

"Frederik will contribute so many attributes to his offspring some of which would include height, performance potential, wonderful temperament, conformation, excellent gaits, smooth transitions,a great willingness to work, very strong black gene, and tons of hair," explain the breeders.

Breeder Stacy Nazario says that when she broke her foot a couple years ago, Frederik was attentive and tender.

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