Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Famous Tattoo Artist Offers Free Tattoos, But There’s A Catch.

Tattoos nowadays can be very expensive. The more well-known and skilled the tattoo artist, the more pricy his work will be. That's why when opportunities like these arise, you have to take full advantage of them!

Scott Campbell is a popular tattoo artist located in the Williamsburg part of Brooklyn, New York. He's been successfully running his tattoo shop, Saved Tattoo, for nearly ten years. Last year, he started a special project called "Whole Glory" that is the ultimate test of his work.

"Whole Glory" is a project where lucky fans of Scott Campbell receive free tattoos. These lucky people get picked after entering a lottery.

The catch? They don't get to speak with the artist before or during the session.

Each person has to blindly put their arm through a hole and doesn't get to see what the tattoo is until the very end. Scott solely gets to decide what he wants to ink onto each arm that goes through the hole.

Scott would be, in his words,“Tattooing whatever I feel their arm needs onto them.”

The project started last year in New York City's Milk Gallery. Although it was a risky situation, each person there was extremely happy with their tattoos.

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