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A Racist Conversation Prompts This Guy To Pull The Ultimate Power Move.

It is very easy to get mad at someone when you hear racist comments thrown out like it’s nothing. Words that alienate, are factually incorrect, and are demeaning of others have no place in this world. It’s 2016 and some people still have notions of their race being superior over others.

This is not exclusive just to North America. Every corner of the globe faces different types of injustices, bigotry, and hatred. Australia’s indigenous make up about 3 per cent of the country’s population. They have faced famine, discrimination, and institutionalized racism that is still present today.

Jarred Wall, the lead singer of he Aussie band Jake and the Cowboys, went out for lunch with a friend when he overheard two elderly women talking about aboriginals. Instead of getting into an argument with the women he chose to do something very different.

Jarred Wall was with a friend at Zephyr Cafe & Kiosk in Perth, Australia.

His delicious meal experienced changed when he overheard two women talking about aboriginals. "The conversation was less than distasteful with words like assimilation thrown around willy nilly. I could have unleashed a tirade of abuse but that wouldn't have helped," he posted on his Facebook account.

Jarred Wall was with a friend at Zephyr Cafe & Kiosk in Perth, Australia.

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What Wall did next got him over 26 thousand likes and close to 3,000 shares.

Wall paid for a pot of tea for the two ladies. He signed the receipt with a little note for the women.

"Instead, I did something nice and bought them a pot of tea and left a little note on the receipt. Maybe these ladies will be a little wiser and think before they speak. Hopefully there won't be a next time!" wrote Wall.

Wall's mother was impressed with his action. "I’m so proud my son that you rose above the hurtful rants of others. Kindness goes a long way, and you all walked away after with your heads held high," she commented on his post.

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