By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Italian Model Jumps Off A 1,360ft Building. Watch Her Risqué Stunt At 2:13.

Roberta Mancino loves being on top of the world. The professional extreme athlete and model has skydived over 7,000 times in the last 11 years; finding new exotica locales to take the plunge from are a bit of a challenge. Just when we thought she was running out of destinations, Mancino found her new challenge; the Princess Tower in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Italian-born Mancino and her crew zip-lined, flew in a wing suit, did a front flip, not to mention locked lips in an epic kiss, all while plunging from the 1,360 feet tower. The death-defying experience was captured with a GoPro camera. After watching this video, one is left wondering how she will top this experience in her next adventure.

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Source: Roberta Mancino