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By Camila Villafañe

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Four-Legged Monk Is Cute Enough To Make You A Believer.

The last creature on Earth you would ever expect to take a bow of chastity would be a dog, but this isn't some dude who's a "dog". It's an actual dog, as in a four-legged creature who barks and likes to christen fire hydrants. But how is that possible? Well, when the good book mentioned that we are all God's creations, that description wasn't limited to human beings. So it only makes sense that the stray dog would be welcomed as a Friar at the St Francis Monastery in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

In Catholic tradition, St. Francis of Assisi is known as the patron saint of animals.

So in some ways, it makes perfect sense that an animal quite literally joined the brotherhood at this Bolivian monastery, and the Friars there absolutely adore him.

The furry dog was originally named Carmelo and he was a stray dog, but after joining the Franciscan monastery, things changed.

Now that he had joined the sacred fold of the monastery, Carmelo was given a new name, Bigoton, which in Spanish means "mustache".

The dog formerly known as Carmelo didn't just get a new name, but also a brand new title.

That's right! Bigoton had earned the formal title of Friar, and he even got the chance to wear a tiny Franciscan habit as he walked, and in some cases ran through this holy monastery.

Things have certainly turned around for Friar Bigoton since arriving at the monastery.

You could almost say that his fate to join the monastery was like a divine intervention. Even fellow Friar Jorge Fernandez stated that "he is a creature of God. His life is all about playing and running, and here, all of the brothers love him very much.

But running and playing aren't the only things that Friar Bigoton does at the monastery.

Here's a photo that Franciscan Kasper Marius Kapron posted online, which showed Brother Bigoton preaching to the fish... or maybe he was just looking for some food.

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