By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

A 400-Year-Old Facebook Was Discovered, And The Photos Are Pretty Revealing.

Facebook and Linkedln may be considered the communication tool that has brought people closer together. Whether it’s for social or professional benefits, social media has changed our lives. According to PhD scholar Sophie Reindeers, personal connections may have had its beginning around 1560 in Europe with alba amicorum, Latin for "friend books."

University students from Netherlands, Germany, and France in the 16th century would gone on academic grand tours around Europe to ‘network.’ Men would have their books signed by the influential people they met like philosophers, artists, scholars, and scientists. Their new contacts would write a brief summary of their meetings and endorsement.

European nobility began socializing and networking as early as 1560.

The leather bound books were beautifully decorated.

The alba amicorum - "friends book" in Latin.

Artists were hired to paint beautiful sceneries and family crests on the books.

The pages have verses in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew.

Men would carry their books so that the scholars, scientists, and artists they met would sign and comment about their meetings.

This was the ancient way to declare your relationship status.

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